Boise Career Opportunities at Wander Medicine

Are you a passionate provider who cares about your patients? Are you willing to take your skills to the next level and continue learning? Tired of working for large healthcare entities? Exhausted from from dealing with insurance? If this sounds like you, contact us! There is a better way.


If you are interested in any of the below positions please email us at and include a current resume with a cover letter telling us who you are and why you would like to Wander with us! Job postings with an * next to them are not currently available. But we anticipate openings in the near future and would love to hear from anyone interested in working at Wander Medicine at anytime. Thank you for considering Wander Medicine!


We are looking for a registered nurse that is passionate about taking great care of patients.


Registered nursing duties will include providing intravenous infusion therapies, administering and overseeing the clinic’s immunization program, providing consultations to patients regarding nutrition and traveler’s health, assisting the clinic provider with patient care as needed, and more.


Wander Medicine is a small business. As such, all employees must be willing to help with routine clinic tasks such as answering phones, scheduling patients, tidying things up, and doing other non-clinical tasks from time to time.


Interested candidates must be ready and willing to work in a small team. They should be excited and ready to learn new things. They should have considerable experience placing IVs. An interest in travel, adventurous activities, and a healthy lifestyle are very important. Nursing experience in the emergency or critical care setting  is very desirable.


Pay will be competitive. Wander Medicine is looking for a part time provider interested in working 3 days a week (8 hours on weekdays, 4 hours on Saturday). Full time employment may also be considered in the near future.


Please email your resume and a letter stating why you are interested to We would love to hear from you.


Are you a medical assistant or aspiring medical assistant that is passionate about patient care? Interested in working for a company that cares about your wellbeing and growth. Ready to work for a clinic that aligns incentives to provide amazing care? 


Interested individuals should have at least a high school degree. Proficiency with computers including Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Google Documents, Facebook, and Instagram will be needed. The MA will be expected to learn several additional computer programs and will also be responsible for testing and maintaining medical equipment. The ability to take vital signs and document patient information will be needed. The ability to draw blood for laboratory testing with a phlebotomy license is would be greatly valued. The MA must be very personable, as they will be interacting with patients frequently throughout any given work day.


The duties assigned to the MA will include taking vital signs, drawing blood (if licensed), helping providers obtain clinical information to perform health visits and occupational physicals, performing hearing and vision tests, administering immunizations, assisting nurses with infusions, assisting patients with scheduling, helping patients fill out intake forms, charging patients for visits and services, organizing electronic data, taking great care of our patients and of yourself, and more.

If you are interested please thoroughly research our clinic and online content. Send us an email telling us why you are interested along with your resume. If you are just looking for any MA job, this job is not for you. Wander Medicine is a mission driven company seeking to change the game in healthcare. Come Wander with us.

Are you organized, punctual, easy to get along with, and interested in helping people? Do you want to work with a small team in a healthcare setting? Do you enjoy exercising, eating healthy food, and living a healthy lifestyle? If so, consider applying to Wander Medicine.


Wander Medicine is a direct primary care and wellness medical clinic in Boise, Idaho. We offer a number of services including primary care, urgent care, infusion therapy, travel and occupational health, and much more. Our clinic is growing, and we are building our operational workflow in real time.


Job functions will include answering phones, scheduling patients, interacting with patients in clinic, charging patients, sending faxes, coordinating care and services with other businesses, helping with inventory, cleaning, clinic organization, and more. The ideal candidate is a positive, professional, and driven individual. They must be willing to help a new growing business. Problem solving skills and willingness to learn are very important.


Anyone interested should be willing and able to work with a number of information technology systems. Competent computer skills are a must. Experience with Google Drive, Microsoft Word, Excel, and social media is very desirable. Interested candidates should email us their resume as well as a brief description about why they are interested. Thank you for considering Wander Medicine.

Wander Medicine clinic is looking for a licensed Idaho Nurse Practitioner (FNP or DNP) to join our practice as a full-time provider. The ideal candidate would be driven, hungry to learn, able to work independently (with constant physician support if needed), willing to assist with other clinic tasks needed to run a small business, interested in alternative medicine, and capable of performing hands on procedures. 


Interested candidates should plan on learning and acquiring new skills such as point of care ultrasound, minor skin and reproductive tract procedures, suturing, casting, occupational physical certification, and much more. 


The NP would work approximately 17 days a month, managing the direct primary care clinic and the nursing infusion clinic. Candidates must be willing to continue utilizing their nursing skills while simultaneously working as a provider. An interest in preventative care, alternative medicine, and occupational health will be very important.


Payment will be based on skills and experience. Employment can be structured as a W2 or 1099 position. Some benefits will be included. Compensation and benefits will increase as clinic volume increases.


No NP experience is needed for this position. However, registered nursing experience in the hospital and particularly the ICU will be greatly valued. Experience in a pediatric care setting is also very desirable. Any candidate should be interested in travel, wilderness adventure, and an active-healthy lifestyle.


Wander Medicine is a new direct pay general medical clinic in Boise, Idaho. We have been open since April of 2020. Our membership-based primary care clinic is growing. We are looking for a provider interested in growing with our clinic. Wander Medicine values transparency, accountability, and integrity. We are looking for a provider willing to combine western medicine skills with holistic, functional/lifestyle-based care, as we believe this leads to the best outcomes. To learn more about our clinic visit