Are you a passionate provider who cares about your patients? Are you willing to take your skills to the next level and continue learning? Tired of working for large healthcare entities? Exhausted from from dealing with insurance? If this sounds like you, contact us! There is a better way.


If you are interested in any of the below positions please email us at info@wandermedicine.com and include a current resume with a cover letter telling us who you are and why you would like to Wander with us!

Boise Career Opportunities at Wander Medicine

We are looking to hire a full time medical assistant (MA). Interested individuals should be organized, dependable, honest, and driven. Employees will be hired as 1099 contractors. No benefits will be included, but above average compensation will be given. 


Interested individuals should have at least a high school degree. Proficiency with computers including Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Google Documents, Facebook, and Instagram will be needed. The MA will be expected to learn several additional computer programs and will also be responsible for testing and maintaining medical equipment. The ability to take vital signs and document patient information will be needed. The ability to draw blood for laboratory testing with a phlebotomy license is not required but would be greatly valued. The MA must be very personable, as they will be interacting with patients frequently throughout any given work day.


The duties assigned to the MA will include assisting patients with scheduling, helping patients fill out intake forms, charging patients for visits and services, taking vital signs, drawing blood (if licensed), organizing electronic data, maintaining the clinics website and social media accounts, as well as taking great care of our patients and of yourself.

We are looking for a licensed Idaho Nurse Practitioner (FNP or DNP) to join our practice as a full time provider. The ideal candidate would be driven, hungry to learn, and willing to work independently. Interested candidates should plan on learning and acquiring new skills such as point of care ultrasound, minor skin and reproductive tract procedures, occupational physical certification, and much more. 


Wander values nursing! Nurses have hands on skills and are the operational component of modern healthcare. NPs therefore, have the best of both worlds! We believe that with the right training, and a lifelong commitment to learning, a good nurse practitioner can become equal to and often better than many of their physician colleagues. But you need a teacher to accomplish this! Join our team, commit to expanding your knowledge, and Wander Medicine will help you get to the next level.


The NP would work approximately 15 days of the month working mainly in the Direct Primary Clinic (when it opens) and the nursing infusion clinic. The NP would see wellness and acute care visits, perform occupational physicals, and supervise the nursing infusion clinic. An interest in preventative care and occupational health would be very important. The NP would be hired as a 1099 contractor and no benefits will be included, but above average compensation will be given. Please contact us for more details.

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