Boise IV Therapy & Injection Services at Wander Medicine

We offer intravenous fluids, medications, vitamins, and minerals for multiple indications.


Intravenous therapies come with inherent risk and should not be left in the hands of untrained individuals. All of our nurses and physicians have extensive experience working in hospitals, the place where IV therapy is normally provided. We hope to offer safe intravenous therapies to those with proper indications. Some medications are also available as intramuscular injections.


Our infusion membership plan is perfect for those interested in infusion therapy on a weekly or monthly recurring basis. It allows patients access to regular infusion therapy at markedly discounted prices! Schedule a "Basic IV Infusion" Visit to join.

  • IV Infusion Membership   $60/month


  • One free 1000 mcg B12 injection per month 

  • 50% off all vitamin, mineral, and supplement infusions, injections, and car services 

  • Referral Program: Free Recovery Cocktail for any current infusion member who refers a friend that joins the infusion membership. Any friend must have paid for at-least 2 months of membership before this benefit can be redeemed. 


You may cancel your membership at any time. Just let us know in writing, via email or direct mail that you would like to cancel. Please include the exact date you would like your membership to end. We will then email you a "Termination Form" to be completed and signed by the patient and emailed back to us. Once we receive a completed and signed "Termination Form," we will stop your recurring payments for the specific date provided. Any payments already received are non-refundable.


If you cancel and decide to rejoin the IV Infusion Membership within 6 months of cancellation, you will be responsible for paying a $50 rejoining fee.


The infusion membership only covers the benefits listed above. Any pharmaceutical injections, lab draws, nursing visits, physician visits, and primary care will not be covered. For a more comprehensive health benefit, consider becoming a member of our direct primary care clinic.

Member Termination Form

We provide iv hydration therapy for those who are dehydrated, hungover, jet-legged, mildly ill, or are unable to take in enough oral fluid. Vitamins, minerals, and intravenous medications for pain, nausea, and headaches are also available. Those with no chronic medical conditions can be seen for a basic IV infusion visit as a walk-in. Anyone with pre-existing health issues or in need of medications such as iron or headache cocktails should see one of our providers first by scheduling a Provider Infusion Visit. Please see our "Prices" page for a complete list of intravenous therapies and pricing.

  • Basic IV Infusion     $50 + price of each vitamin or medication

  • Myer's Cocktail: beneficial for a variety of conditions (1L NS or LR, vitamin C, complex vitamin B, magnesium, zinc)     $160

  • Headache Cocktail: for those with chronic headaches or migraines, must schedule a "Provider Infusion Visit" prior to therapy (1L LR, complex vitamin B, magnesium, dyphenhydramine, ketorolac, prochlorperazine)     $170

  • Recovery Cocktail: for those looking for a quick reset from hangovers or jetlag (1L NS or LR, complex vitamin B, magnesium)     $125

  • Immunity Cocktail: for those looking for a immune boost (1L NS or LR, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium)     $135

  • Allergy Cocktail: for those seeking relief from seasonal allergies (1L NS or LR, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, B12)    $165

Car service IV therapy (if applicable): $100 + price of fluids and vitamins (all patients with current viral illness symptoms should expect car service)

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) + Myer's Cocktail-

  • 250mg NAD+ + Myer's Cocktail   $350

  • 500mg NAD+ + Myer's Cocktail   $400

  • 750mg NAD+ + Myer's Cocktail   $450

**NAD+ excluded from IV infusion membership***


Those who have chronic medical conditions, in need of tailored therapies, or need IV medications should make an appointment with one of our providers prior to scheduling an infusion. Please bring any relevant past medical records, hospital discharge summaries, lab values, radiologic studies, or procedure notes to your visit.

We also offer trigger point injection therapy provided by one of our providers. Maximum of 5 injection sites per session.​ Schedule under

  • Trigger Point Injection Therapy: $125

Intramuscular injections for infections and nutrient deficiencies are available. Available therapies include glutathione, B12, vitamin D3, and complex vitamin B. Schedule under "Vitamin Injection."

  • B12 shot: methylcobalamin $30 

  • Vitamin D3: $30

  • Glutathione 400 mg: $25

  • Complex vitamin B: $25