Ketamine Clinic & Ketamine Infusions

at Wander Medicine

At Wander Medicine, we want you to be functional, so you can live your life to your full potential!  

Mental health conditions and pain can be debilitating. They prevent us from spending time with friends and family, doing the things we love, and having productive careers. If you suffer from depression, general anxiety, social anxiety, PTSD, OCD, substance use disorder, suicidal ideation, or chronic pain, and have failed other treatments, our Boise Ketamine clinic may be worth trying.

Wander Medicine is excited to bring Ketamine treatment to those interested in the Boise, Idaho area. Anyone interested in receiving Ketamine infusions should schedule an appointment with a Wander Medicine physician. At this visit they will go over all of your medical history, what therapies you have tried, and provide additional recommendations for how to better treat your pain or depression.


Please note that mental health conditions and chronic pain are some of the hardest conditions to treat. Effective management requires tremendous effort from both patients and providers. Ketamine alone can resolve symptoms for weeks to months. This will give you time to pursue aggressive, longer lasting treatment and lifestyle changes. Relying on Ketamine alone is the wrong approach as it is expensive, temporary, and potentially habit forming.


However, Ketamine treatment has helped a tremendous amount of people who have failed other treatments and with proper intermittent use, is generally considered very safe. If you suffer from psychosis, hallucinations, or other symptoms related to schizophrenia, we recommend avoiding ketamine, as it can exacerbate these symptoms.


We would love to talk more with you about Ketamine. Please schedule a "Ketamine Consultation" with one of our physicians. Even if you are not a good candidate for Ketamine therapy, Wander Medicine can still provide you with insight and advice for mental health treatment or pain control.


All Wander Medicine direct primary care members receive Ketamine therapy at 20% off - This gives you access to our on-site Ketamine Clinic as well as the other benefits all direct primary care members enjoy. Find out more about our direct primary care service here.

  • Ketamine Consultation/Comprehensive Mental Health Evaluation - $150

  • Ketamine Infusion, 1 hour for depression/mental health (required for initial treatment) - $250 

  • Ketamine Intramuscular for depression/mental health - $150     

  • Ketamine 6 hour treatment for chronic pain (Includes any adjunctive medications needed. Treatment sessions consist of a 30 minute preparation period, a 4 hour ketamine infusion, and a 90 minute post treatment relaxation/observation period) - $ 700

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