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Boise Occupational Medicine

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Workers are the backbone of our society. 


Wander Medicine is passionate about those who work hard for a living and our clinic would like to support them by offering transparent, affordable prices with our occupational medicine services in Boise, Idaho.

You can choose to schedule an appointment at Wander or we can come to your business to mass vaccinate your workforce. Since vaccines are expensive and expire, we have limited quantities available on-site. Please call us ahead of time to let us know if you or your workforce would like to schedule a vaccination. As Wander grows and we grasp a better understanding of our vaccine demands, we will increase our onsite quantities of vaccines. We apologize for this inconvenience.

You can choose to schedule an appointment at Wander or we can come to your business.


  • Pulmonary Function Tests    $50

  • HAZWAPER, Pre-Employment, Respirator, Asbestos, Lead, and other OSHA physicals.   $200 (free for clinic members)

  • Physicals for the Department of Transportation (DOT)     $120 (free for clinic members)

  • Federal Aviation Administration Class 2 and 3 Pilot Physicals   $150 (free for clinic members)

Guidance regarding employee safety, medical emergency response, and wellness at your workplace.

Contact us for more information and pricing.


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