• Bill Brandenburg, MD

Transparent Medical Care that Working People Can Afford and Deserve.

Healthcare in the United States is failing. The costs are obscene, and the results are suboptimal. Meanwhile there is absolutely no transparency or accountability. At the same time, healthcare seems focused on offering a pill for everything instead of focusing on meaningful lifestyle changes and personal growth.

I could not see myself working in this destructive system for an entire career. We started Wander Medicine to offer people and businesses a better healthcare product. Additionally, we hope to put pressure on the rest of the system to be better.


No one knows what healthcare costs until they get that obscenely large bill, with no itemization, months later. These healthcare bills are the leading cause of personal and entity bankruptcy. So, Wander Medicine posts all of its prices on our website. Patients always know what they have to pay and what they are paying for.


Ever call your doctor when you are sick and get no response? Ever been told to just go to the emergency department? This is a huge problem. People need providers to be there for them in times of need. Wander Medicine specializes in being there for patients when they need us most.


Most providers practice defensively. They over order tests with no regard for price or the secondary adverse effects. At Wander, we offer the same care we would want for our families, our loved ones, and ourselves. We are always honest with our patients.

Holistic Care

Western medicine has done some amazing things. However, they have also thrown naturopathic, functional medicine, and other alternative colleagues under the bus for hundreds of years. Western medicine’s focus on pushing pills over making meaningful lifestyle changes is just appalling. Paying thousands of dollars a month for meds that do not cure disease is the new status quo in medicine. At Wander, we combine western medicine with a holistic approach to bring patients the best of both worlds.

Direct Pay

Patients and employees pay Wander Medicine directly. Wander medicine takes the money received and invests it back into your care. We are just so much more efficient than status quo healthcare. Insurance should not be utilized for routine expenses like primary care.

Healthy Providers

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers are burned out. The system continues to beat them down. Most providers are just trying to get through their shift each day. At Wander, we believe that providers must be healthy and happy in order to provide meaningful healthcare. As such, we treat our providers and employees with respect and give them the autonomy they need to help patients.

Wander Medicine does things very differently than most clinics. This is very intentional. We strive to offer a better product as well as put pressure on the rest of the system to be better. We believe that in order for healthcare to be sustainable, the average person should be able to afford it. Wander Medicine is designed to support average working Americans as this is both the most marginalized and important population in our society.

If you are an individual, family, or employer, please consider joining Wander Medicine’s Direct Primary Care clinic today. We would love to be there for you in both the good times and the bad.

Thank you so much,

Bill Brandenburg, MD

Wander Medicine Clinic Physician

Schedule online at: wandermedicine.com

1105 S Federal Way

Boise, Idaho 83705

Phone: 208-342-1129

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